Mr. Norm’s Magical Writing Workshop

A fun way to get your students excited about writing.

            Everyone wonders – “How did that magic trick work?”  There are many secrets to magic. Magicians present tricky special effects that make our eyes and minds wonder. Magicians combine science and theater to create their illusions.  Yet, there is one very, very big secret to magic.

The Magic Secret:
The biggest secret in magic is that Magicians are Storytellers.  They tell a story with their magic tricks.  Each trick is simply a puzzle. The magician needs to take that puzzle and make it interesting.  The puzzle turns into magic when the magician adds a story.  The magician writes a clever story to bring magic and entertainment to the puzzle.

Writing is important to every job, even being a magician.  Mr. Norm presents a fun interactive writing workshop to get kids excited about writing. He demonstrates how the magician takes a puzzle and turns it into magic. The students learn how to do several magic tricks and then brainstorm story ideas to write to go with each effect. 

Story Starters!
Norm also introduces the students to improvisational comedy writing techniques to demonstrate how to begin and develop a story. A grid-style story starter sheet is given to each student to fill in. They discover that they have lots of ideas that can be used in different ways to come up with a multitude of stories.  The students also learn one of the writer’s techniques for coming up with a plot and conflict. They also fill out a list of character traits for people in their stories. This helps with writing about and giving depth to the characters.

The Goal:
Norm’s desire is that students walk away with the understanding that they have many very good ideas for stories. That they can do it! Each student can be an author, and it’s fun!  Norm’s goal is for the students to understand how writers write and to motivate and encourage the students to see the joy in writing.

In the Classroom: 
Many teachers have taken the story starter sheets the students have completed and assigned a writing project to finish writing the story that was started at the workshop.
Younger children can draw a picture of their story idea with two sentences below.