For Immediate Release

Norm Barnhart - Comic Reading Magician

Don’t blink your eyes!  Comic Magician Norm Barnhart is coming to town. 

He will entertain young and old alike with his with his sleight of hand

and crazy magical tricks and a message about the excitement of reading.

Norm will be at the ________________ (place) on

______________ (date) at ________ (time).


            You’ll see amazing illusions including; the Mysterious Hat Trick, 

The Comical Coins and the Floating Ball.   Norm loves to read and he enjoys

encouraging  children to check out the library.  Norm is from St. Paul and he

has delighted audiences in all 50 states and five other countries.   


            Besides presenting illusions, Norm enjoys writing.  He worked as a

writer and performer on a pilot TV program for a production company in

Canada.  Norm’s comedy and magic inventions are featured in several

publications for other entertainers.  This Summer he will teach performers in

Singapore. He has written 4 books for Capstone Press that are available

through your library. He has also written 5 other books and produced 7 

set of videos with his routines.  More at


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