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Hi From Norm! I hope you are enjoying the Holiday season. I have so much to be thankful for. It has been a busy season here and I enjoy hearing the laughter at the shows.

Comedy tonight show at Texas convention

The second week of September 2016 found me in the heart of Texas with a great convention of entertainers who invited me to be their featured performer. I did my hour long three act show – “Comedy Tonight” as their main show. The President of the organization said, “Everyone loved it. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. It was fantastic.” I also taught four break out sessions on my comedy magic inventions, and on comedy writing.

Minneapolis Magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood

I really enjoyed the opportunity to perform at the Magic Castle in September 2016 again. This is such a fascinating place with wonderful shows and fantastic food. Cary Grant hung out here a lot in the old days. I brought comedy and magic for 6 shows and had a blast. Professional Magician Robert Baxt said “terrific show.”

MN Vikings & Magic at Children’s Hospital

Three weeks ago I did magic for the children at the U. of M. Hospital again and once again the MN Vikings dropped in to greet the kids. Tyler Holmes, Geoff Scwartz, Charlie Johnson and John Sullivan with MagicNorm after visiting with the children. The next day several people mentioned that they saw me doing magic for the children on KARE-11 with the smiling children. Last year at this same event I was on WCCO-TV.

Comedy & Magic Show at Rutger’s Resort

It was fun to bring the comedy magic show to Rutger’s Resort for the 4th year. They have a lovely banquet hall that is turned into a theater for this family magic show.

I have made 3 appearances this summer at this resort.for various events. The kids and parents always give such nice comments after.

Rutger’s Resort is set in a beautiful setting along the pristine Bay Lake near Brainerd, MN.

It is fun to be a Minnesota Magician and hear the laughter that comedy magic brings.

Comedy Magician Promotes Reading at the Rogers, MN Library

The Hennepin County Library in Rogers, MN had the comedy magic show with Mr. Norm this past week.

The kids giggled and laughed all through the show and that is music to my ears. The librarians gave it very good reviews and I just love to promote reading and gets kids excited about checking out books.

The show involves the children throughout as they wave their fingers to make the tricks happen or they are invited to participate by tossing invisible specs of magic dust to help make the tricks work. They also enjoy coming up to help make the magic happen. One child even wears the hat and magic cape and makes the invisibility trick happen. It is a fun and funny magic show that encourages young readers.

Reading is so helpful to the development of the children’s abilities and makes them better students when Fall comes.

Check out for our page on the Reading Magic Show that schools and libraries have enjoyed for over 25 years. This show has toured throughout the U.S. in every state and has appeared in thousands of schools to encourage reading. Magic is fun and Reading is Fun-damental!

It is fun to hear all the laughter at the shows and then after see the kids checking out tons of books!

When you need a magician in Minneapolis or a Magic show in the Twin Cities please consider the magic of Mr. Norm. Experienced, Enthusiastic and Professional!

Children's Museum

The Minnesota Children's Museum is a wonderful place to explore and I had fun performing there two nights to huge crowds. Barnes & Noble I had a blast doing book signings and magic shows at Barnes & Noble twice recently. Magicians tell their Secrets at Magic Convention in Boston. I was honored to be a part of the gala show at a magic convention in Boston in November. I also was one of three magicians invited to teach at this convention. I presented an hour and half lecture on my comedy techniques and original magic tricks and routines.

Magician in Minneapolis Entertains at Fund Raiser

Everyone enjoys laughing and being amazed by magic. I was very happy to be a part of a benefit fund raiser in Maplewood. We did a comedy magic show for the families as well as presented strolling magic at this fund raiser at the Dive Bar in Maplewood. Many activities for the families were available including bounce houses, Sports mascots and a fire department demonstration.

Wes Walz was on hand to meet with many Minnesota Wild Hockey fans. Wes is one of the all time great hockey players in Minnesota.

The children collect snowflakes and make a Magic snowman! Kids of all ages have fun with magic.

Magic and fun with the kids. The newspaper was torn to shreds and then put back together when the girl waved her magic fingers! The kids love to get involved with the magic show.

My wife enjoyed doing face painting for the kids.

Minneapolis Face Painters

Children love face painting and Mia does some very nice work. If you need fun face painting for special events call and I have several friends who do this for family parties.

The big event was held for the families at the Dive Bar in Maplewood. Dive Bar is a very nice place with excellent food and friendly staff.

Magicians in Minnesota like to bring fun to special events, banquets and fund raisers. For more information on entertainment for benefits in Minnesota and the Twin Cities… Please check out

Are you looking for Magicians in the twin cities and Minnesota. You can find many very fun magic shows that will delight all ages.

Motivational Magic is a Hit at Conference

The self-advocacy conference 2013 was held at the Crown Plaza in downtown St. Paul. I had fun and it was a full house with a very enthusiastic audience.

Kathy one of the directors wrote: "Everyone had a fabulous time and really enjoyed your show."

I enjoy bringing smiles and a motivational message to groups. Please take a moment to learn more at

I present comedy magic with a motivational message of teamwork and service to civic groups,businesses and corporate groups. Its motivational magic and comedy that uplifts and encourages.

It is a fun way to salute your staff at events and awards banquets in Minnesota. I also do magic shows in Wisconsin. I also work around the nation. But headquarter out of Minneapolis.

Magic at Ruttger’s Resort - Bay Lake Lodge

Over the years I have presented comedy and magic at Ruttger’s Resort in Northern MN. What a lovely spot. beautiful views of Bay Lake are seen from the excellent dining room. Their 4 star chef prepares a wide range of delicious meals and deserts.

This summer the owner and President of Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge wrote this kind note:

"Norm has entertained our guests several times and they always love him. His magic show forkids and adults was a hit; lots of laughs and lots of amazement! On another occasion he did walking magic in our restaurant. It went over big too and Norm worked well with us to coordinate traffic flow and seating turns. Norm is a real pro, pleaseant and family friendly. We will invite him back."

Chris Ruttger - President - Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge.

I look forward to bringing some fun to your group. Please check our website and discover the various ways I present magic for small groups and large corporate functions. For family parties and cub and girl scouts I bring a motivational program to encourage them to do their best.

Toys for Tots

Last week I was the featured performer for a fundraiser banquet for this wonderful organization. This was an adult banquet that had me two years in a row and the organizer said, "Norm's show is awesome, everyone wanted him back." Yesterday I was fortunate to visit a small school in Minneapolis to bring magic and fun to the Toys for Tots toy distribution. I enjoyed seeing both ends of the Toys for Tots program. The fund raiser and the toy give away.

I also had a very fun visit to the Ronald McDonald House and will be going back to visit the families today. It is fun to see the kid's smiles and hear the laughter. We did a benefit 4 weeks ago for Jack and his family. One of the MN Wild greats also game to support the fundraiser.

August 2010 - Hello and welcome to a beautiful summer in Minnesota! In June I was in full swing presenting programs for High School Graduation Parties. Many of these clients I have invited me back for over 14 years. I am thankful to stay so busy. It really is fun to see the students and parents laugh and have a blast. The goal is to keep them off the streets after their graduation and hopefully save lives while they are having fun together in a safe environment.

Teaching & Touring

This past 12 months I have enjoyed performing and teaching at many conferences for entertainers. It is exciting to be invited to teach my peers. I am honored that they would call on me perform because they have seen many magic acts. I guess the bottom line is that they just want to laugh and have fun like anyone else. I'm glad I can bring some laughs.

Other entertainers say that my magic is different and my comedy approach is unique and that is why they select me to come entertain them and teach comedy writing techniques and my magic inventions. In the past months these events include conventions in Winnipeg, Canada, Williamsburg Virginia, The Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood and The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Minneapolis.

Coming up are appearances for conferences in Singapore, Kentucky, Connecticut, San Francisco and good old Branson, MO. Yes, Singapore! I entertained with several acts as a part of shows in schools, as well as at a festival of entertainers, a benefit performance and a special Mayor's show. I am thrilled to be a part of this team. I will also do a workshop for the International Brotherhood of Magician's club of Singapore.

St. Paul Winter Carnival

In February I enjoyed appearances with the Royalty of the St. Paul Winter Carnival at the Mendakota Country Club. The Royalty gave out several citations to the Mendakota chef and staff including manager Perry Johnson.
Following the awards I presented my comedy magic show for the families. There were lots of smiles and laughs. We had a great time. I have had the opportunity to present the comedy magic show at Mendakota several times over the years for corporate banquets and special parties. I am honored that they call be back again and again.

Minnesota Author

Norm's Childrens books have now sold over 100,000 copies!

It is exciting to see my books are in libraries across Minnesota and the nation. I've had calls from friends in many states saying that they have spotted these very nice magic books in their libraries. Capstone Press did a fabulous producing the books and you can find them on or

- Norm was M. C. for show in Wisconsin Dells that featured former guitarist and singer, Fran Cosmo, who toured and sang for a while with the popular band - Boston.

Motivational Presentation on Teamwork and Service

Two weeks ago I was one of the presenters for a business group's annual retreat in Woodbury. They were very positive about my Motivational Keynote. I do many corporate presentations and would love to bring this program to your group. Please check:

Humor has a Magical Effect on Health and Happiness.

A bestselling book states that, "Humor is a good medicine." Some researchers say that stress contributes to over 70% of all illness. Maybe humor is an overlooked and valuable medicine for the reduction of stress in life.
This medicine is good for you. It can be given out huge amounts and is helpful in any quantity. A big dose comes when we double over in laughter. However even a small amount can help to give us a positive outlook and help us get over the frustrations in life. Humor is also good for us when things are going well. it can help us not take ourselves too seriously and keep pride in check. Life is full of minor difficulties and humor can help us get over the difficulties and help us to look on the bright side.
Humor has a very positive effect in dealing with the minor stresses that pop up in daily life. We can benefits greatly from the positive effects of humor as it helps us to reduce, stress and deal with emotional and physical distress. This may ultimately lead to increased well being. Find a way to get a bit of humor into your life throughout the day and enjoy the benefits. Find a way to bring joy and humor into someone else's day and spread the good will around. Add some comedy and magic to your workplace or family event -

Thank you to recent clients: National Association of Parliamentarians, The Girl Scouts of Oakdale, Hopkins High School Grad Lock-In, River Falls H.S. Grad Lock In. Kids & Biz Expo in Hugo.

Magic Norm 3 shows & strolling magic at National Train Day at the Twin Cities Amtrak Depot - Summer is Company Picnic time. I bring fun and magic to company and staff picnics. It is good to reward your team with a special get together. It is a good team builder and all ages love it. - Call today!

Norm's News

April 2011 - Hello - I just got back from N.Y.C. It is good to be home after a fun week of performing and teaching in New York! It was a blast to be the M.C. for 3 shows at a convention there. It gives me a chance to try out some creative comedy bits and I am thankful that they were all very well received.

I also presented 4 lectures in New York on comedy writing and magic inventions that I have created. It is fun to hang out with my peers and also to share some of the comedy methods that have helped me bring fun to special events.

The night before I went to New York I enjoyed bringing my magic to a High school lock in. I do many of these in May and June at Graduation time and I enjoy hearing all the laughter.

Mall of America for KS95 & Gillette Children's Hospital

The weekend before I went to N.Y.C. I did another event with the great people at KS95 as they raise money for Gillette Children's Hospital and the Children's Cancer Research fund. Ryan the Morning guy was there and it was nice to hang with him a bit again.

Norm's Comedy Magic at MOA in March

Ryan the Morning Guy at KS95!

Norm with the K102 Wake Up Crew!

Amy James, Donna Valentine and Muss of the K102 Morning show. I was there on Monday morning for 40 minutes of comedy on the air with the K102 Wake-Up Crew.

"Thank YOU so much again for providing such fun. We had a great time!"

-Donna Valentine, Morning Host K102

Did you see me on TV with the MN Vikings?

It was at Amplatz Children’s Hospital at U of MN for a special event for the kids. It was fun to present some magic for the children at the hospital party and suddenly 10-12 of the big Viking Players strolled in. Big guys like magic too. It was fun to see their amazed faces. Everybody is a kid when it comes to magic.

Several people called me and said they saw me on TV that evening on several stations! I had a show somewhere else that night and did not catch the news – I am glad I wore my purple Vikings colored tux. This is a great outreach for the Vikings to help the kids!

Yesterday I returned from Pennsylvania where I taught at a convention of entertainers. I teach my comedy writing techniques, as well as several classes on my original magic inventions. After the big awards banquet on Saturday night, I presented my stage comedy show. This convention has been meeting for 28 years and Sandi – the President - said it was the best dinner entertainment they have had. I just like to make people laugh!

This December I will be back entertaining the families at the Minneapolis Airport for the Delta Pilots for Kids program. This will be my 7th time working with the pilots and their charity event. They invited me several times when they were Northwest Pilots. They have new uniforms and a super program where under privileged families visit Santa, have treats, do activities and see some comedy magic. The highlight is a fantasy ride to the North Pole on a real airplane.

We have several corporate Holiday parties booked and there are still a few good dates open. If you, or a friend are looking for a wild yet clean comedy and magic show – I’m your guy!

Magician in Minnesota


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