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"Norm's show is fantastic!"

    -Clara Carriveau - Cargill

Magical Entertainer
Norm Barnhart

"You were great! You were an excellent choice for our party."

Marcia Strand - First Bank of Chaska

Norm Delights Your Audience with his Fast
Paced Comedy and Sparkling Sleight of Hand

"Your humor and quick wit, combined with your magical talents and audience involvement were great!"

Don Pabst; Classic Corvettes of Minnesota

"Truly enjoyed the show. Great pacing and audience involvement!"

Barb Zeien; United Hospitals

"Norm was Amazing. He made our company holiday party a blast! We will have him again."

Shantel T. - Home Depot

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"Your performance was wonderful and fascinating."

- Molly Kelly - Admin. Manager - AT&T.

"Norm the magician does a wonderful job. At least a 100 laughs during the show. I highly recommend him for any type of party."
- Mark T. - Banquet Manager - Interlachen Country Club

Comedy Magic adds sparkling fun to Banquets and special events in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

I look forward to serving you with my comedy and magic show throughout the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It's fun for summer picnics & awards banquets at your office.

Social Hour - Strolling Entertainment

Norm will be a smash as the "Magical Host" at your next social hour. Norm's interactive, close-up magic will leave your guests involved, enchanted and enthralled.

"The table to table tricks were a big hit, as was your stand-up show." - Robert Seekin - La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux

Comedy Banquet Magician in Minneapolis - St. Paul

"We have had Norm's magic here several times and it has always been a blast. Norm delivers each show with humor and keeps audiences captivated and involved the whole way through. His roving show allows you to have a high quality event without a dedicated venue. Your students will be amazed at the magic and the comedy. I highly recommend him for your next event. We will definitely keep inviting Norm back to our campus."

Chris Mikkelsen - Kopp Student Center Director

Normandale Community College - Bloomington, MN

"Normondo is Hilarious!"

Dr. Richard Snowberg - University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

"Fantastic show - gets people in the audience involved."

Nancy Brofford - Richfield, MN

"Fantastic show. Perfect for the room!"

J. Goldfinger - Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

"Norm did awesome!"

Mike Orensteen- CEO/Owner of the Minnehaha Comedy Club

"Thank you Norm for your wonderful show. Your entertainment really made our event a success"

"JR Watkins Products - Winona, MN - Tyler, HR"

"Thank you for performing for us at Wizardz! you are awesome."

Eric Olsen - Wizardz Magic Theater Comedy Club - Orlando, FL

"Norm's magic was Awesome!"

Thomas Hammock - U. of M. Running Back Coach

"Your great performance was well received by our students. Thank you for the great show."

Kristy Modrow, Director of Campus Activities - Century College

"Norm does a teriffic show. He keeps the kids entertained, laughing, and participating. Great job!!! I highly recommend him."

Trevor Laurence, Secretary/Treasurer - Teamsters Union Local 638

"Your presentation was great! Everyone was talking about the evening the next day. It was great the way you get people involved."

Ann - FleetwoodGoldcoWyard Co

Along with Corporate Shows, Norm Does Family Shows!

"Magic Norm did an awesome job of entertaining everyone who attended our community fun day at Salem in Greenfield, MN. Children from 4-74 years of age where thoroughly engaged throughout the performance. Highly recommended."

Jonathan Beilke

Thank you for the excellent show at our Hong Kong Festival. Your magic and comedy are wonderful and added a lot to our convention.

Kenneth Ng - Director Red Nose Productions Kowloon, Hong Kong

"Norm is a talented entertainer for audiences of all ages. He engages the crowd and invites them to be part of the show. Norm was a huge hit at our 2014 Annual Meeting, and we look forward to having him back at future events."

Brian Sherrick - President/CEO - Ideal Credit Union

"Hi Norm great job at Germanfest!"

Woody McBride

Clean Comedy Magic for Banquets * Company Parties * Special Events

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Welcome to, the place for comic magic entertainment in the Twin Cities.   Iím Norm Barnhart and I love to make people laugh.  If you are planning a Company party or banquet in Minneapolis and want comedy magic, Iím your guy.  If you have a corporate party or special event in St. Paul and need a magician that will dazzle and delight your group, then youíre at the right place.  For over 28 years Iíve presented comedy and magic full time across Minnesota, Wisconsin and in all fifty states.

           For awards banquets and staff recognition at your company I present a comic magic show with a teamwork and service message.  This is a great way to lift the spirits of your group.  Itís a motivational speech with a comical twist.  Just click on the link to motivational speaker and youíll discover how other groups have enjoyed this magical motivational presentation.

           If you are planning a special event, or banquet, my unique comedy magic will add Pizzazz to the Party.  Please call and see how I can tailor the program to fit your special event. 

 Live entertainment is the LIVELIEST entertainment!

"Norm provided his 'walk-around' magic services for our 5th Anniversary Gala at the Graves 601 Hotel here in Minneapolis. Having used his stage show services in the past, we already knew him to be the best choice. Norm is not only a master magician but doing his 'mingling magic' he's also a master of providing magic and comedy in a respective and unobtrusive manner. He knows how to work his way in and around the crowd, so you hardly know he's there until bursts of laughter or "WOWs" are heard from various small groups around the event. Norm, you're simply the BEST!"

- Tricia Haynes, MicroGrants Gala at the Graves 601 Hotel, Minneapolis.

"Drop Everything and Get Tickets to this Show... NOW! I recently had the pleasure of watching Norm's performance at this year's MagiCelebration. Here he was a headlining act. Thirty seconds into his show I was blown away not only by his magic, but by his performance and ability to engage the entire audience- adults and children alike. It is clear to me that this is a performer who truly loves what he does. Watch his show and you will agree. His energy is off the charts, his magic is astounding, and his love for performing is unmatched. Like I said, go get tickets... NOW! You will not be disappointed."

Tyler Nygren - Convention Attendee

"Magic Norm is HILARIOUS!!! His wit and style of magic are unexpected and funnier than any magician I've seen. I'll go back again and again to see him, guaranteed! Simply one of the best!"

Julie Varholdt

"Magic Norm did an awesome job of entertaining everyone who attended our community fun day at Salem in Greenfield, MN. Children from 4-74 years of age where thoroughly engaged throughout the performance. Highly recommended."

Jonathan Beilke

Norm's News
Click here to read more!



Miss you Harmon!


Click here to read Norm's blog!


Mall of America for KS95 & Gillette Children's Hospital!

Ryan the Morning Guy at KS95!

The weekend before I went to N.Y.C. I did another event with the great people at KS95 as they raise money for Gillette Children's Hospital and the Children's Cancer Research fund. Ryan the Morning guy was there and it was nice to hang with him a bit again.

Norm with the amazing K102 Wake Up Crew!

Amy James, Donna Valentine and Muss of the K102 Morning show. I was there on Monday morning for 40 minutes of comedy on the air with the K102 Wake-Up Crew.

"Thank YOU so much again for providing such fun. We had a great time!"

-Donna Valentine, Morning Host K102

Thank you Dave Ryan from 101.3 KDWB

The very popular morning host from 101.3 KDWB - Dave Ryan said some very nice things about my magic shows recently on the air. He is a great guy and we met a a family show I was presenting. The next morning on the air they discussed the magic and how I did some amazing tricks.

I also ran into Dave just before Halloween at a special KDWB night at the Haunted Halloween event at the Running Aces in Forest Lake. He said, "You are great and quite an entertainer."


Monica Wright and her MN Lynx team win the WNBA Championship!!!

Monica Wright and her Lynx basketball team did it! They won the WNBA Championship!!! We're proud of you!

I had the pleasure of entertaining with some magic for several of the MN Lynx team a few weeks back at the Target Center in Minneapolis before the game with the Washington Mystics. They are a wonderful team and have pulled together to win the championship. Yay Team!!

More about the magic entertainment that I present and how I can tailor it for your special event - please check


Norm is invited to perform for and teach other magicians. Here is a note from a recent workshops and show in Honolulu in January of 2016.

"Norm made us laugh until we cried with his unique style of comedy magic while lecturing for our magic club here on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He is without a doubt one of the hardest working magicians out there and we would love for him to return for another lecture and show!"

Michael "Kekoa" Erickson - Society of American Magicians - Aloha Assembly #89 President - And Close-Up magic consultant for the Magic Of Polynesia Show in Hawaii

Humor vs. Stress in the Workplace

By magicnorm

Like Godzilla vs Megadon, humor battles stress and its related evil byproducts.

How serious is stress? Expert s say that stress is a factor in over 70% of illness. Stress can be involved in high blood pressure, anxiety and ulcers. Not fun stuff. But laughter and humor arrive to save the day and can combat stress as it starts.

We need to be aware of when we are under stress. We need to react to it with a deep breath and a calming reminder to ourselves that we can get through this. Finally a refreshing 5 or 10 minute comedy break can help us get back into a positive mood and help us to move forward to tackle that Goliath of a problem that is facing us. A healthy dose of humor will help us release the tension and allow us to move forward with clarity and a positive attitude.

We know that sooner later some sort of stress will come into our lives. Be prepared for that next difficult situation and have a humor button on your computer. This is a place in your bookmarks that takes to you to  several comedy sites that you know have funny stuff.

You may also wish to have a folder in your e-mail that contains funny photos and videos that friends have sent. This file can bring relief when needed and help you brighten up your spirits and your day,. This positive attitude can help us push on and find solutions

Humor can alter our mood without any harmful side effects, unless you get a pain in your ribs from laughing.

Crazy Daze

My schedule is thankfully full and it has kept me cruising like crazy for past two weeks. The High School Lock-in graduation parties have keep me running at full speed and on little sleep.

Last night I entertained at the Dakota Fitness Center at the Mystic Lake Casino. This is my 4th year with this particular school and I had a blast. The students were so engaged and laughing like crazy at the entertainment. I especially enjoy doing a few mind reading type magic tricks as the reaction can be quit fascinating. it is fun to see the high school students jaws drop at the amazing magic illusions. They know it is a trick, but they have not a clue and that elicits a strong reaction.

The Dakota Fitness Center is a great place for this type of event. There is a huge basketball court and racket ball courts. the inflatable company was able to set up several huge games in the gym and the students had fun bouncing in the huge games.

I love to make people laugh and I look forward to bringing laughter to your event. I tailor the presentation to the age group.

Make Your Next Special Event Amazingly Fun & Unforgettable!

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