Teachers - do you want to add some Magical Fun to your classroom?

You can learn simple yet mind blowing tricks and show them to your students. 

In the elementary classroom you can grab the kids attention and make a science or math point with the tricks.  A trick with money can introduce how to count money to younger ones and for the older kids you can use a money trick to introduce the topic of budgeting, fractions, etc. 

Magic is a perfect metaphor maker!

Friendship and getting along: The rope cuts in two and then is restored – A cut relationship, then healed with forgiveness.

Mathmatics: A cut rope illustrates two half then they go together to make a whole!

History: A cut rope illustrates history and how groups that once fought can be united (cival war, U.S> and Brittian Revolutionary War, etc)

Lauguage, A incomplete or fractured sentence and a whole one.

Magic is a instant attention getter.
Just the mention that you are about to do a magic trick and the group comes to attention.


Magic is a great reward.  

“If the room is cleaned up by 5 minutes to 3:00 I will bring out a magic trick.”  If not we try again tomorrow.  Or, “I’ll show you how it is done on Friday if we can be quiet in the hall all week” 

Magic is Fun:

Make your classroom a fun place with a special treat once in a while. 


Magic is not easy, but with Norm’s DVD it is a lot easier!

Magic  takes a bit of practice. But Norm has made it easy, he has done the research for you.  He has 30+ years of experience in amgic and has read extensively. He has invented many tricks and has a deep knowledge of the techniques.  He has selected tricks that are very easy to do so you cn concentrate on the presentation that will make them even more fun.

What if I fail.

Even the best magicians have a thrick that goes wrong once in a while. By design these tricks are pretty fool proof, but if something slips there are two easy things to do.

  1. Panic
  2. You can laugh at yourself and show the kids that things don’t always work out the way you planned and then make it a teachable moment , by asking their help to make it better so it will work next time.  The class can then work together to figure out how to make the trick better.  In the mean time you can show the kids how it is done and they can try it on each other.


You can teach the kids magic

Magic develops hand eye coordination and dexterity.

Magic helps to develop speaking skills

Magic helps you learn to think of your feet.

Magic is Fun! Everyone wants to know how a trick is done.

Some classes put on a show for a younger grade.

Your students can develop theater skills as they prepare a show for the younger ones. Each child could learn their own trick or a couple could work together on a trick so that you have a 25 minute show that consists of 10 different magical tricks!  It’s fun and it teaches them to work together as a team.

Community outreach.  You could take your magic show on the road to a local nursing home or child care center and serve your community.

Norm’s DVD’s each fun tricks that kids love to learn.  He has taught these tricks to children in schools, libraries and community ed for years.  They are easy to learn for even the smallest hands Yet challenging enough that 5th and 6th graders want to learn them.  The older kids will get the presentation smoother and add stories to the tricks to make them even more fun to watch.

You can teach story writing along with the tricks.  Magic needs a story.  You have to have something to say along with the tricks and you can encourage creativity with your students developing alternative stories to go with the magic tricks. 

For example there is a pirate’s coin trick on the DVD. Your students could develop alternative stories to go with it.  Could it be about a Lepreachan, a very fast flea that grabbed the coin? Maybe a story about saving money in the bank? Develop their creativity as they try to figure out ways to adapt and improve the tricks.

It all starts with the easy tricks taught on Norm’s DVD.



Don’t forget – Kids love card tricks!!! 


Magic for High School Teachers

My brother taught High School in NYC and he used magic tricks at the beginning of class every so often to reward those who were on time.  This simple motivational tool had the kids talking and when the late ones found out what they missed they made it a point to be prompt. He simply added a little positive reinforcement to the classroom and say some good results. Plus the kids who were there thought he was cool!  They were ready to listen to what he had to offer.


Norm’s books are also fun teaching tool.
Demonstrate a trick from one of Norm’s books and then have the students discover the method by reading the book.